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Christopher Bell III aka "The Janitor"cleans up business messes and serves high-performance professionals and their teams as a business optimization leader, technology sales expert, keynote speaker, and business coach. His clients are bottom-line focused, value time, and prefer performance over pedigree.

November 2017

New Entrepreneurs to Watch: Shandhra Ramana

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There are times in our lives when the universe conspires to confirm that where we are, what we’re doing, and who interact with….  is in agreement with our life purpose. My name is Christopher Bell, III aka "The Janitor" and I clean up issues common to launching, building, and growing businesses.

October 2017

IMPOSTER’S SYNDROME – The Competency, Courage, and Confidence Link

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We all love to hear entrepreneurs passionately speak about their ideas, concepts, products, and solutions being created to transform the marketplace and the human condition.

The Buyer In Your Big Deal

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At StealthEnomics we have the privilege of working with brilliant, visionary leaders with great products and services who may have limited-to-no experience selling big-ticket items or complex services.

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