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Time & Productivity Coaching
You’re about to become a jack-of-all trades juggling marketing, PR, accounting, admin, selling, working with clients and customers or producing your product/service, coming up with new ideas, running the business day to day, posting social media … and oh yeah… you’re in a serious relationship or have a spouse and child you love and want to spend more time with.
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  • Protect your business and family from manipulative sales methods and tactics.
  • Reduce “buyer’s remorse.”
  • Discern the difference between a sales professional and the common “peddler”.
  • Remedy your own flawed internal decision and buying processes.
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Build Your Business
Underestimating how much time it takes to get a business going – getting out there, building your reputation, finding clients, creating a good structure and the right processes for a successful business… may be hazardous to your business launch and work/life balance. Get it right. Let us help.
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