Take your First Best Steps with our all-inclusive startup service offering, the Small Business Launch Box.


5 Things You Need To Know Before You Quit Your Job

Step 1: Mutual Discovery

Share your business idea or concept with one of our business advisors and we will help you chart the best start for your business. Our team will give you realistic advice as to the viability of your business idea.

Step 2: Legal Structure

We help you choose the right legal structure to insulate you and protect your personal assets. You will need to apply for your EIN (Employee Identification Number), tax ID, and setup a business bank account.

Step 3: Business Content

Develop your corporate or personal “why” so it can be shared with your audience. Customers can buy from anybody. What’s your story? People buy from people, brands, and companies they like or can relate to.

Step 4: Corporate Identity

Be remembered and recognized at-a-glance. A thoughtfully created brand logo design will evolve to become a business asset and an integral part of your corporate identity.

Step 5: Domain Setup

Register a domain name which resonates with the content you create and the identity you have formed. When possible, it is beneficial to keep the domain name short and memorable.

Step 6: Marketing Plan

Do you know your competition, how and where they’re selling, and what’s trending in your niche? Complete your marketing analysis to develop competitive immunity and reach new buyers.

Step 7: Web Design

You only get one first impression. Make it count with an attractive, custom-designed website to illuminate your brand and elegantly present your e business.

Step 8: Launch Advisor

Our business advisors are notable experts, coaches, and advisors who provide one-on-one concierge guidance that will translate your business concept and vision into a working reality.