You are busy and your time is valuable. Protect your business with the proper business insurance plan.

Qualified Plan - Profit Sharing Plans

Profit Sharing Plans has the flexibility to choose how much to contribute each year based on the tax code you in.

Qualified Plan - 401(K) Plans

401(K) plans will allow you to put money towards your retirement while having matching contributions from employers.

Qualified Plan - Defined Benefit Plans

Defined Benefit provides you retirement benefits ahead of time and allows for substantially larger tax deductibles.

Non-Qualified Plan - Key Person Life Insurance

You can help cover the financial loss your business would experience at the death of a key employee by insuring key people.

Non-Qualified Plan - Executive Bonus Plan

An executive bonus plan is appropriate for all business forms, including professional corporations, partnerships and LLC’s.

Deferred Compensation Salary Continuation

Salary Continuation is ideal for businesses that will operate for a long enough time to pay the benefits to employees.

Non-Qualified Plan - Split Dollar Plan

A Split dollar plan offers a creative solution to helping your key employees obtain needed life insurance with best value.

Small Business Continuation

Business Continuation takes the steps to ensure that your business will continue to run smoothly if you were to lose partner.

Small Business Transition Plan

A carefully crafted business transition plan can help you meet your retirement goals and successfully transfer your business.

Kaizen Small Business Retirement Plan

Considered a business retirement plan with the potential for supplemental income which allows you to use as financial security.