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Introducing Tisha Hammond – A StealthEnomics™ Certified Business Advisor

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Introducing Mrs. Tisha Hammond, a small business StealthEnomics Certified Business Advisor.

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Love What You Do? Put Your LLC or Corp On It!

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Have you ever thought: “ I love what I do and I’m great at it.” Then why settle? Why not build something that compliments your passion, gift, talent, energy, and education?

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December 2016

The Sales Janitor – Cleaning the Customer Mess

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it can be a bit overwhelming when you see great sales and business development professionals in action. Most often, they’re engaged with multiple buying influencers (evaluators, executive decision makers, technical influencers, coaches, etc…) in multiple deals at a time. In addition, most qualified sales prospects and sales professionals are just finishing or just beginning a deal and mentally, they have to be in the beginning, middle, and end of several sales cycles… all at the same time. Unfortunately, the negative residue and mess left after recently completed business deals or bad buying experiences can hang around in [...]

Business Launch Blind Spots

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after glancing at a side view car mirror to make a lane change only to find yourself mere inches and moments from disaster as another driver blasts their car horn to warn you of the danger you just created. The first thought that probably came to your mind is: “I didn’t even see them.” What happened? Another driver was in your “blind spot.” While blind spots exist around vehicles that can’t be directly observed by the driver while at the controls, How often have we misinterpreted, mistimed, or misunderstood an issue, opportunity, or someone we care [...]

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