IMPOSTER’S SYNDROME – The Competency, Courage, and Confidence Link

I love to hear entrepreneurs passionately speak about their ideas, concepts, products, and solutions being created to transform the marketplace and the human condition. Who doesn’t? That takes courage! Unfortunately, so many entrepreneurs mute or exaggerate their status when projects or businesses stall after losing a critical deal, struggle with funding, or allowing the paralysis of analysis to take hold.

It takes COURAGE to put our best ideas and concepts in an arena where our competency will be questioned while hiding the bruises gained in the creative process after our incremental (but necessary) failures. It’s also one of the reasons why many of the brilliant, creative, people we know have defaulted to”fake it til you make it” status and are suffering from “Imposters Syndrome.”

Imposter’s Syndrome sets in when our self-assigned CEO/Founder title and what we’ve publicly advertised about ourselves and our businesses and concept… have yet to successfully manifest. It’s a condition where fear-of-failure, ego, insecurity, and presumption give us cause for pause.

I know you may be asking “how do I gain the CONFIDENCE to achieve discernable business growth and progress when the evidence of what I want and believe to be a certain future outcome, hasn’t manifested yet? How do I throw off the cloak of Imposter’s Syndrome?” My answer is simple: It takes COURAGE. First, we change our minds to understand we are a work in progress, authenticating our vision.  Then, we have to be willing to have our COMPETENCY challenged and subjected to the rigor and testing of the marketplace, extrapolate lessons learned, and then make a sequence of COURAGEOUS decisions that result in the success we’re planning for.

Three Things About COURAGE

1. COURAGE illuminates our degree of COMPETENCY
2. COURAGE is a catalyst for CONFIDENCE
applied for seconds may have lifetime value.

About the Author:

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