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Can I have a landing page without having a website? 2016-09-15T23:35:50+00:00

Yes, the pitch site is a tool used to generate revenue.  By generating  revenue you would now have the ability to fully develop a website or create another pitch site for another segment of your business.

How long does it take to build the pitch site? 2016-09-15T23:38:06+00:00

It takes between  5 to 10 business days to complete the landing page. Delays are caused when we do not receive all business details prior to the project beginning.

Will I be able to make changes to the Landing Page? 2016-09-15T23:39:22+00:00

Yes, you will be able to make minor changes for example adding/removing words, putting in a video, and uploading a couple pictures.

Is there a back office for the landing page? 2016-09-15T23:39:59+00:00

Yes, there is a back office for the landing page. The back office will be released to the customer after the project has been completed.

What is the difference between the Landing Page & a Squeeze Page? 2016-09-15T23:40:41+00:00

Squeeze Pages are static and for every change requires the assistance of a web developer, an additional maintenance fee, and in some cases a new squeeze page must be created at a cost.

Can I make partial payments and if so how much? 2013-07-28T10:21:03+00:00

Yes, you are able to make partial payments. Any partial payment will have to be made via major credit card with the remaining balance set for an Net 15 auto draft from the credit card used initially.

What’s the fee for the landing page? 2016-09-15T23:43:43+00:00

For pricing you can go to the following link “http://firstbeststeps.com/pricing/

What’s going to happen to my website? 2013-07-28T10:25:43+00:00

Your website will still be active. Your website can be used if you choose to have links pointing to certain services on your current website.  Your website is your strategic positioning and the pitch site is tactical. Pitch sites allow you to focus on one or more business segments.

Why do I need a website? 2013-07-28T10:26:41+00:00

The website will allow you to display the entire assortment of your products and or services. Giving a full description of your company as a whole.

What’s the basic maintenance fee for the landing page? 2016-09-15T23:44:08+00:00

The monthly maintenance fee is $59.99 per month.

Will I still need a blog? 2017-05-21T19:39:37+00:00

No you will not require a blog, but a blog will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your industry and build trust among your potential clients.

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