As a multi-brand entrepreneur, thinker, and fitness bro  (still waiting to receive my call from the Baltimore Ravens… hah!) you could say I’m “busy” but by no means alone. I’m one of hundreds of thousands of busy professionals who have never complained about having too much time available to create and deliver high-quality winning results.

Like you, many of my professional interactions are with people with “hair-on-fire lifestyles” who struggle with daily guilt for falling short, missing goals, unnecessarily upsetting someone, or for not being there for family activities. Why? In my humble opinion, too many of us have falsely believed we can remedy our time frustration if we were just better time managers.

So let’s talk about Time Management – a phrase and concept popularized in the industrial-age to drive increased efficiencies in the production of THINGS and not people, who can’t always be “managed” by time. Let’s remember that the gestational period for a healthy, viable human being is usually 9 months and that can’t be accelerated no matter how much you yell at the mother to deliver or “produce” sooner.  Yet, it’s also quite true that the subject of Time Management alone has generated thousands of certifications, books, seminars, and methodologies that actually does produce more and sometimes better things. It’s just that some of these principles seed a false sense of security, illuminate metrics that don’t necessarily matter, or are anchored in a fundamentally flawed principle: that people are somehow empowered to manage TIME (or Kronos in the Greek.)

The fact is, we don’t “have” time and we never have.  We don’t get our time because we don’t own time.  Time was here before we got here, is here now, will move on when we’re gone, and because it never was “our time” WE DON’T GET TO MANAGE it and can’t produce more of it. We get to manage OURSELVES and THINGS… in TIME.  But why does that matter? Well, have you ever worked your as* off to achieve a goal efficiently and effectively and been stunned after asking yourself this 3-word-question:


For those wish to recalibrate their relationship with Time to enhance their personal and professional life experiences and begin to use metrics that actually matter… let’s have a conversation or check out these other StealthEnomics resources.

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Christopher Bell, III

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