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  • How can you have it all (family, love, prosperity, good health, spiritual fulfillment.) Let’s talk contentment, trade-offs, and the struggle balance it all in a healthy way.
  • Are you an entrepreneur, executive, or do you manage a team? We get it…  you didn’t expect THIS sh*t to happen and what’s really tough… your personal and business life are interconnected. Where do you go from here?
    • Three 30-minute sessions
    • Confidential
    • One-on-One via video web/teleconference
  • The StealthEnomics Business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat) assessment offers detailed, strategic, and tactical insights that empower executives to make bold, confident moves to positively transform business performance. Get yours today!This full-day training requires a minimum of 5 employees for this onsite training. Travel is not included in this cost and would be billed upon confirming your appointment date.
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