Mobile web pages and a new focus on responsive web design have changed the way customers interact with websites. Let’s start with the obvious – mobile devices are the center of our personal lives and businesses. Nowadays more people own smartphones than toothbrushes. On-the-go purchasing and searching for information on a mobile device is now the new normal. With the invention of smartphones and tablets more and more companies are now focused on creating user-friendly mobile web pages. This makes sense because according to Google’s “Our Mobile Planet”, only 15% of Internet users are satisfied with the user experience of the mobile web. This isn’t good because while they are not satisfied with their mobile web experience, Internet traffic has grown at the astonishing rate of 163% since 2010.
In May 2015, Google announced that more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop. For many companies without accessible mobile web pages, they found themselves asking,


For many the answer is no. Technology changes in the blink of an eye and many companies do not have the employee power or expertise with which to keep up with this ever-changing digital world. So if you can’t keep up what do you do? For many the answer is to outsource. Another simple, more affordable way to keep up is ensuring that the components of your business that you already have available are up-to-date. One such component is your mobile presence. You want to make sure your website is mobile compatible. Your website design and mobile presence should be built with scalability in mind. You want to make sure that you are optimizing your mobile layout in such a way that all the important information is presented for optimal viewing, ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling in any kind of device or screen size. Taking this approach will allow you to spend effectively and not tie up a large portion of your small business startup capital on website development.


The web designers at StealthEnomics™ can build innovate, reactive, and user-friendly websites for a variety of business types. Our mobile web designs are optimized to include a better tactile and visual experience which helps our customers generate business leads. You can build a website design which allows for streamlined navigation and has a simplified layout for a clean and professional look. Having a responsive design is important in this day and age. Make sure you aren’t left behind!

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