Become a StealthEnomics Certified Business Advisor and supplement your coaching and consulting income!

  • You make the business recommendation
  • We do the work
  • You get paid
  • No Drama

How Much Money Will I Make?

The Certified Business Advisor Training and Services have been designed to drive $1,972 to $5,000 Per Month in Supplemental Business Revenue to your existing bottom line.

Clients Share Their Vision With You!

Why You Should Get Certified

  • Compliment Your Existing Offering
  • Additional Revenue Stream
  • Reduce Offer Rejection
  • Enhance Your Personal Brand
  • Create Multi-Transactional Customers
  • Access Entrepreneur Ecosystem
  • Customer Billing, Invoicing, and Support Provided
  • Commission Payouts

  • StealthEnomics Sponsored Digital Marketing
  • CRM Lead Management
  • Optional Internal Phone # and Email Provided
  • Guest Blogging, Speaking, and PR Opportunities

Why We Do What We Do

3-Point Pre-Qualification Criteria


If your words were a financial currency, would they have value? Do you get big things done based on your word, and have customers to prove it?


Are you a credible expert and student in your niche with a body of work that may include blogs, books, courses, speaking, or consulting references?


Does the atmosphere get better when you show up? Do you bring a positive, can-do attitude to your communications and professional interactions?

Ready To Get Started?

1.) Please complete the confidential online application on this page.

2.) You will be contacted to schedule a web/teleconference interview within 48 hours.

3.) You will be notified by email of your acceptance outcome within 3 business days.

4.) The StealthEnomics Business Advisor Certification Process and Training consists of two, 1.5 hour group sessions, and one, 1:1 session that is also 1.5 hours in duration.

5.) Pay your One-Time Investment of $250 for Certified StealthEnomics Business Advisor Training.

6.) Sign the StealthEnomics Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements.

7.) Schedule Your Web/Teleconference Training Sessions.