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January 2017

This is the Kiss of Death for Entrepreneurs

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Beyond the Tank, the companion series to ABC's Shark Tank, follows the outcomes of Shark Tank entrepreneurs. The Sharks evaluate the businesses, coach the entrepreneurs, provide advice and feedback, and nudge the entrepreneurs toward success.

December 2016

The Sales Janitor – Cleaning the Customer Mess

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it can be a bit overwhelming when you see great sales and business development professionals in action. Most often, they’re engaged with multiple buying influencers (evaluators, executive decision makers, technical influencers, coaches, etc…) in multiple deals at a time. In addition, most qualified sales prospects and sales professionals are just finishing or just beginning a deal and mentally, they have to be in the beginning, middle, and end of several sales cycles… all at the same time. Unfortunately, the negative residue and mess left after recently completed business deals or bad buying experiences can hang around in [...]

When Was Your Last Small Business Tune-Up?

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you’ve made it another quarter, another year, or maybe a few years. As entrepreneurs, we know the highs and the lows of small business, and we know that sometimes the velocity and trajectory of business makes it difficult to slow down to pay attention to details related to accounting setup, business plan projections, sales forecasts and more. Many times we simply defer until “later.” Unfortunately, “later” often shows up at the most inconvenient and costly of times. I'm not going to state the obvious, but since you’ve made the investment and spent the time [...]

Life Interrupted, Then Entrepreneurship

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I was living in my dream home on the golf course in a cul-de-sac, in Columbia Maryland, enjoying the lifestyle of a fat 6-figure earner; taking luxury vacations, trusted with global sales responsibilities in a multi-national software company, and promoted for exemplary performance 6-weeks before my 50th birthday. Two weeks after that promotion… I was diagnosed with cancer, took leave for surgery, recovery, and therapy. Two months after returning to work… I was fired via a long-distance telephone call as my new boss said: “The company has done enough for you.” A final 2-week paycheck [...]

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