So What Do Social Media Marketers Know?

As most marketers know, social media is a key source that helps companies further their reach and increase their brand awareness. If you haven’t been using social media or have only been marketing on the platforms sparingly, it’s time to up your social media game.

While adding social media to your overall marketing strategy and putting the extra time into it can seem like a lot of extra work, it’s worth it. How worth it? Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves…

Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 42% of the current population. (Source)

An average of 2 hours and 22 minutes are spent per day per person on social networks and messaging. (Source)

54% of social browsers use social media to research products. (Source)

It's All About The Numbers

Those numbers are big and are expected to only grow; therefore, it’s a no-brainer that social media should be a top priority within your marketing strategy.

As for taking this strategy to the next level, iStock can help. As one of the world’s leading royalty-free stock content marketplaces, iStock offers millions of hand-picked premium images, graphics, and 4K video files. They also go a step further with tools and plug-ins to help streamline your work and become a go-to resource for any business.

How does iStock help elevate your social media strategy? I’ve got some more numbers to answer that…

93% of most engaging posts on Facebook are images. (Source)

35% of people on the internet are willing to share images they find on the web. (Source)

One study found that there was not only a 46% increase in content engagement for brands, but an additional 65% increase in photo and video engagement. (Source)

Social Media Image Tools Of the Trade

You may be thinking to yourself, “I am not a social media marketer”. The reality is, you don’t have to be. There are so many great tools available to use, all you need to do is find them. Sure, it will take time and effort, but as entrepreneurs, you know that’s a part of the job description. At the very least, with the stats I just shared with you, don’t you feel it’s at least worth a try?

Now, how to use iStock for social media? It’s easy, thanks to their Image Search Icon. This tool allows you to simply click the camera icon within the search bar and upload an image. You will then receive similar results allowing you to browse close matches, ending the rabbit hole of imagery you can get lost in. That means you’ll cut the search hassle and get on the right path quickly and easily. Plus, the iStock Editor tool has pre-set social media image sizes, so you never have to wonder which size you need for an image across different social channels.

iStock Boards is another feature to help you stay organized with images and video for your social media posts. Boards allow you to keep track of images and ideas no matter when you come across them. Simply create a board to save any content that you might have found and aren’t ready to use yet. This helps with future time-saving search options, creative inspiration, and content calendars.

FREE Goodies To Get You Started

Don’t forget that iStock also has FREE images, illustrations, and video clips each week for members. This free content is as high-quality as any other content you will find on their site; just an added bonus that makes iStock even more important to have on hand.

Head over to iStock by Getty Images today, check out their flexible pricing plans, and start on your new social media strategy with iStock by your side!