Want to raise capital for your business? Family, friends, banks, angel investors, and venture capitalists don’t want the same thing. Today more than ever before, entrepreneurs have access to the tools that empower them to raise unlimited capital for their enterprises. Do you have what it takes to bring financial sufficiency to your organization? Do you need assistance in understanding the options made available in the New Capital Market?  The conversation starts here.


Lorette has experienced all sides of business financing transactions, from servicing client’s needs through principal purchaser and seller of businesses. As former CEO and Compliance Director of investment banking firms, she has conducted numerous capital raises from private transactions through IPO’s. She has serviced self-employed entrepreneurs running lifestyle businesses through mid-sized emerging market executives.

Lorette’s professional background of over 25 years’ spans investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, business brokerage, and as an executive officer. She’s managed a workforce of multiple offices with 300+ employees as well as small entrepreneurial-led businesses. Her operational experiences include oversight for syndicate functions, corporate finance activities, due diligence reviews, deal structuring, and negotiating underwriting contracts.


Lorette is a navigator in the New Capital Market, helping entrepreneurs manage the convergence of new securities regulations and technologies that level the playing field for entrepreneurs to control their capital raising prospects. She is a  Crowdfunding industry expert providing back office services for entrepreneurial-led companies raising capital through public or private offerings.

Capital With Industry Experts


Lorette works within a renowned team of industry experts to include: investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, trainers, marketing professionals and more. She has transformed her Wall Street training to benefit Main Street businesses through teaching, training and advisory services. All designed to help entrepreneurs raise capital from $500,000 to $50,000,000 like a pro. The convergence of new securities regulations, technology and access to a broader market of investors has created vehicles for companies to find needed capital – iBOSSinc provides the roadmap to get there.

Ms. Farris is host of Capital Academy and PitchMe, shows that provide entrepreneurs with resources to guide their growth, development and capitalization. She previously co-hosted similar shows such as Pitch Perfect and Resources Unplugged, as well as Smart Business, a radio talk show for and about business owners and the issues they face. Lorette is a sought after speaker and has appeared in several respected publications and has been honored on numerous occasions for her diligence and dedication to assisting entrepreneurs and emerging companies seeking to raise capital.

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