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Don’t Panic, Reach Your Rally Point With Our First Best Steps…


The Anxiety Depression Association of America identifies panic attacks as…
“palpitations, accelerated heart rate or pounding heart, sweating, shaking or trembling, and a sensation of smothering or shortness of breath which may accompany the intense discomfort or fear of a panic attack.”

Let’s face it, starting a new business is no easy feat! If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms listed, you are normal and it’s natural to feel discomfort when approaching the unknown for the first time. Here at StealthEnomics™ we want you to understand that starting down the path of the unknown around launching a business can sometimes be a lonely and scary road.


You were a uniformed professional, a member of the United States military before you returned to civilian life and you feel like you don’t fit because you’re not in “your” world anymore. Your former world consisted of a way of life, a system that  operated on a system of  developed cohesion and team work. Now as you transition out of military life and into the civilian sector you find yourself part of a team that seems content with backward or non-existent systems. You find yourself part of a team where everyone is seemingly working on their own agendas and on their own time. As a veteran transitioning you must remember that this has been their “world” and way of life for the duration of their pre-existing careers, so what is normal for you may be abstract to them.

Starting a business and moving in a direction in an unfamiliar world with the sole purpose of beginning a new career is even more daunting.


 When faced with these issues you naturally begin looking for a structure as it is the most familiar thing that is missing from your life. You’re interested in finding a program or program that leads you “by the numbers” with actionable objectives. This system with the old familiar mark in the sand indicating your position with rally points listed along the way for your resupplying and reorganizing before continuing to your next objective is familiar and comfortable to you.


You are a trained professional with impeccable leadership skills that make you who you are. You are at the rally point now seeking further guidance and instructions. What’s your next or your first best step going to be? Don’t procrastinate! Today, we understand procrastination not only as the putting off of something until tomorrow, but also the undertaking of other, less important tasks as a means of putting off the more important ones. StealthEnomics™ is the team with the guidance and coaching that you’re seeking. Don’t lose your confidence, you have what it takes! Your mission is to go to www.firstbeststeps.com so you may continue to lead and serve.

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By Demond Raybon

Demond Raybon is a motivated Technology Expert who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He also builds and retains high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. Demond is involved with developing the Infrastructure of small businesses and startups.