Do you want to stop getting in your own way? Does it frustrate you that another year has gone by only to remain with the same lack of motivation? If so, listen up.

I believe there is really only four key factors to your success.
If just one of these are missing, you will fall short.
Each of these four factors acts as a load-bearing pillar in your life.
Your life will be the same a year from now without all four of these pillars in place.

Evaluate the most successful people you admire and you’ll find evidences of all four of these truths.

What are they?


Do you struggle with boredom? Are you tired of getting pulled into bad habits?

Does procrastination trip you up more than you’d like?
You don’t have a discipline problem, you have a vision problem.
Mark Batterson summed it up in his book Wild Goose Chase when he said:
“I think vision is the cure for sin. One reason many of us get entangled in sin is because we don’t have enough God-ordained vision to keep us busy.”
Could the reason you struggle to reach your potential not be a discipline problem but a vision problem?
Do you have a lofty vision for your life that both scares you and excites you at the same time?
Action: Take a few minutes and right down the answer to this question: What would your life look like five years from now if you could do nothing wrong?


Another key factor as to why we don’t push projects forward and reach our goals is due to broken focus.

We spend most of our days switching from one task to another, putting out one fire after another, and giving in to one distraction after another.
When was the last time you wholeheartedly got lost in your work and reached a “flow state”? A state of mind where you were dialed in and moving something significant forward?
Unbroken focus doesn’t happen by accident. Margin in your life doesn’t show up like an unexpected guest, but must be invited through intentionality.
I accomplish unbroken focus each week by way of “focus sessions.” They are 60-90 minute blocks of focused, uninterrupted work. Each Monday I look over my calendar with the goal of scheduling 3-5 focus sessions for the week ahead.
Ideally, I want my focus sessions to be as early in the morning as possible. I find that I’m more creative, engaged, and mentally sharp in the mornings. In fact, each morning I tell myself, “Do creative work first.” This helps me to stay off of social media and email.
Action: Look over the next seven days and find 3-5 focus sessions you can schedule in order to work on your most important projects.


Your thoughts will dictate your actions. That’s just the way it is.

Negative thoughts lead to weak actions. Positive thoughts lead to courageous action.
Your frame of mind in the morning will dictate how the rest of your day goes. This is why so many successful people have morning success routines. Spending an hour or two in the mornings sharpening the saw of your mental, physical, and spiritual life will reap benefits into the rest of your day.
What you sow, you will reap.
Successful people don’t see their morning routines as taking up valuable time from what they really should be spending their time on. They see the hour in the morning as the fuel they need to tackle their day.
Action: Write out a simple 30-60 minute morning success routine that you could start tomorrow.


Jeff Goins says it best: “Every story of success is really a story of community.” There is no such thing as “self-made success.”

Every story of success had mentors, peers, and customers who were part of the success.
In a given week, who do you spend the most time with? This question is super important. Jim Rohn was famous for saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
This is why being a part of a mastermind group is so important to me. I’ve been with the same group of people for over three years now and my life and business are better because of it.
They challenge me to think bigger, to overcome obstacles, and to be more giving. Is your life surrounded by a small, passionate group of people who are heading in the same direction as you?
But how do I join a mastermind group?
Where do I find one?
Well, I got tired of asking that question and decided to just launch my own. I’ve even created an entire online course on how to launch a mastermind group.
Action: Launch or join a mastermind group within the next 90 days.
Can you see why implementing these four factors can make a difference in your life?
They’ve made all the difference in the world for me and now I hand them over to you.
Use them and you’ll never be the same.