21 December 2016 0

When Was Your Last Small Business Tune-Up?


you’ve made it another quarter, another year, or maybe a few years. As entrepreneurs, we know the highs and the lows of small business, and we know that sometimes the velocity and trajectory of business makes it difficult to slow down to pay attention to details related to accounting setup, business plan projections, sales forecasts and more. Many times we simply defer until “later.” Unfortunately, “later” often shows up at the most inconvenient and costly of times. I’m not going to state the obvious, but since you’ve made the investment and spent the time building your own vehicle – a high-performance business… do this: give your company the special care and attention it deserves and give it a tune-up to optimize your business performance.


 Take a look here:  https://goo.gl/e8Tp33


Christopher Bell, III


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By Christopher Bell III

StealthEnomics™ Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Bell III aka "The Business Janitor" cleans up business & life messes serving high-performance professionals and their teams as a business optimization leader, technology sales expert, keynote speaker, blogger, and coach. His clients are bottom-line focused, value time, and prefer performance over pedigree.