The Dilemma

Hybrid work, remote work, or in-office work, carry their own set of unique benefits and challenges. But when you’ve got a job, a loving spouse, and a family with kids involved in sports, performance arts, and community activities filling up your calendar… it’s not unusual for exhaustion, overwhelm, occasional guilt, and a touch of situational depression to manifest as indecision or procrastination.

Power: Real & Perceived

There are times when our life presents itself like a bowl of spaghetti, but few of us care to ask: “Where does the first noodle begin?” Ironically, what the world may applaud as externally constructive may internally degrade the authenticity of our personhood. So, what do we do with that? In short order, WE REDEFINE, REPOSITION, and LEVERAGE it to serve us.

Introduce Yourself to Personal & Professional Harmony

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