December 2016

Life Interrupted, Then Entrepreneurship

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I was living in my dream home on the golf course in a cul-de-sac, in Columbia Maryland, enjoying the lifestyle of a fat 6-figure earner; taking luxury vacations, trusted with global sales responsibilities in a multi-national software company, and promoted for exemplary performance 6-weeks before my 50th birthday. Two weeks after that promotion… I was diagnosed with cancer, took leave for surgery, recovery, and therapy. Two months after returning to work… I was fired via a long-distance telephone call as my new boss said: “The company has done enough for you.” A final 2-week paycheck [...]

November 2016

The Birth of StealthEnomics™–LinkedIn ProFinder Contest

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StealthEnomics™ formed from the vision of four evolutionary men; Vonnie Wright, Christopher Bell III, Demond Raybon, and Leroy Wilson. During the initial meeting of the four men, they realized that their diverse skill sets and expertise could be brought together to build a revolutionary business design.

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