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This is the Kiss of Death for Entrepreneurs

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Beyond the Tank, the companion series to ABC's Shark Tank, follows the outcomes of Shark Tank entrepreneurs. The Sharks evaluate the businesses, coach the entrepreneurs, provide advice and feedback, and nudge the entrepreneurs toward success.

Improving The Human Condition – A StealthEnomics™ Imperative

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Of the many deserving entrepreneurs that applied, the winner of our StealthEnomics $25,000 Entrepreneurs Scholarship Award was ElsaMarie DiSilva, CEO of Safecity.

December 2016

When Was Your Last Small Business Tune-Up?

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[iee_special_heading title="CONGRATULATIONS..." heading_size="h1" description="" alignment="left" separator_position="after_heading" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" element_typography="custom" typography_title="Open Sans:regular" title_font_size="28" typography_description="Open Sans:300" description_font_size="18" title_color="" description_color="" background_color="" background_image="" background_position="left top" background_repeat="no-repeat" height="38px" container_padding="" container_padding_mobile="" /] you’ve made it another quarter, another year, or maybe a few years. As entrepreneurs, we know the highs and the lows of small business, and we know that sometimes the velocity and trajectory of business makes it difficult to slow down to pay attention to details related to accounting setup, business plan projections, sales forecasts and more. Many times we simply defer until “later.” Unfortunately, “later” often shows [...]

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